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Like the mythical story of the phoenix, sometimes we go down in flames but we can rise from the ashes. 

 Getting laid off is a blow to the system. How do we get back up and move forward? 

 We’ll do some exercises, reflection and reframing to assess what happened and how to pick up the pieces. 

 Join us online to learn about the different types of resilience and ways to build each of them. 

 You are stronger than you think. This too shall pass. 

We’re delighted to have you join us online. Registration for this event will close 2 business days prior to start time. After signing up in Jobquest, you’ll receive an email from kgollobin@mhmncc.com that will provide directions on registering in Webex for the event 24-48 hours prior to the event. 

Please register 24 hours prior to event. Webex is the virtual platform Metro North Career Center uses.