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Remote work sounds great! Let’s think logistics and fit.

Working from home sounds good, but what does it take?
Let’s talk realities of remote work!

• We’ll talk about personality traits. Do you have what it takes?

• We’ll talk about skillset necessary to be successful

• We’ll review the tools needed to be successful

• We’ll talk technology

• We’ll ponder the realities of working autonomously

• We’ll talk about physical set up

• Be careful with remote work. There are scams out there.

Remote work is a great option for the right person.

We’re delighted to have you join us online. Registration for this event will close 2 business days prior to start time. After signing up in Jobquest, you’ll receive an email from nquinn@mhmncc.com that will provide directions on registering in Webex for the event 24-48 hours prior to the event.  Click here to schedule

Please register 24 hours prior to event. Webex is the virtual platform Metro North Career Center uses. Detailed Instructions

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